About Estuary Wills

It’s a worrying fact that around two thirds of us simply don’t get around to writing our Wills before we die, which means we will have no say as to what happens to our money, our homes, our children or our pets.  Even fewer of us put LPAs in place, leaving both ourselves and our families extremely vulnerable in the event we should lose capacity, perhaps as a result of an accident or an illness.

At Estuary Wills, our aim is to reverse these statistics, as we believe that Wills and LPAs are essential documents that all adults should seriously consider putting into place.

Sarah Collier-Smith, the owner of Estuary Wills, knows first-hand how difficult and stressful it can be dealing with an estate where there is no Will, having personally acted several times as an Administrator (when there is no Will in place, or it is invalid).  She has also experienced the nightmare of trying to help an elderly relative with dementia gain access to crucial support services, but faced an uphill struggle as the relative didn’t have the protection afforded by LPAs.

“I would like to use my personal experience to encourage as many people as possible to have their Wills professionally written and to consider putting LPAs into place. It really can save families from so much stress and heartache. The fact is that none of us know what is around the corner, and it makes sense to be prepared and to make the appropriate provisions.”
Sarah Collier-Smith, Owner of Estuary Wills Ltd

Having a Will or LPA written by Estuary Wills is a lot simpler and quicker than you might expect.  Not only that, you will find our products are excellent value for money, offering huge savings compared to typical solicitors’ fees for identical products.

Sarah is happy to undertake complimentary* home visits for her clients, and she is easily contactable if you have any questions, or if you just want some advice.  Should you wish to have a Will or LPA arranged, Sarah will guide you smoothly through the process, explaining how each product works, whilst outlining the pros and cons of various options.  Following a review of your document by a technical expert from New Leaf Will Writers Federation, Sarah will then complete the final paperwork for you, ready for signature.  The end result will be a high quality, fully-checked document designed and produced exclusively for you.

*Free home visits are available to clients who live within a 10 mile radius of Leigh-on-Sea.  For clients living further afield, a modest fee to cover the additional travelling expenses and time would be payable, which would be discussed and agreed in advance of any work undertaken.